Tuscan Sun Massage and Wellness Center is one of the few clinics that specializes in Custom Fitting Compression garments for Lymphedema and Vascular Patients in the Atlanta area.

After a Lymphedema patient undergoes CDP (Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy), a custom-fitted garment is recommended for the patient to wear daily to prevent swelling in the indicated limb. Our Lymphedema therapist will custom measure you for your garments as part of the Lymphedema treatment process. This is done after the initial phase of therapy when the limb has been reduced to it's smallest size.

The compression garments will help to maintain the limb and prevent any additional swelling. There are many types of compression garments on the market, our therapist will help you find the right compression garments for your lifestyle and needs.

At Tuscan Sun, Compression fittings are also available for vascular patients, post-surgical needs, and whoever else may benefit. Below is a brief summary on different types of compression garments but please don't get confused. We are here  to help you.

Daytime Compression Garments

Daytime garments are specialized elastic knit two-way stretch sleeves or stockings that can be worn under clothing throughout the day. They are worn during waking hours because this is when you are the most active. They should especially be worn while exercising.

Compression garments are not worn while sleeping because it may provide too much compression when the body is inactive or at rest. Also, if the garment moves out of place during sleep, it can cause constriction to the limb. This can damage circulation or cause edema to get worse.

Compression garments do not provide protection against sunburn and, unless an outer layer of clothing is worn, a high SPF sunscreen should be applied under the compression garment.

Compression Sleeves

When the arm is affected, a compression sleeve that covers the entire arm from the wrist to the shoulder is worn. Wearing a compression sleeve just to the elbow is not recommended. Sleeves are available in several styles,colors, and compression levels. We will determine the best sleeve for you.

Although a sleeve that stops at the wrist is more convenient, it does not provide compression for the hand. For many patients, particularly before the swelling is well controlled, compression on the hand is also essential. In this case, a gauntlet is recommended.

Gloves/ Gauntlets

 Gloves or gauntlets are compression garments for the hands. These come separate from the compression sleeve, this makes it easier to remove for hand washing or similar tasks.
As shown above, these gauntlets are available with partial finger coverage, known as finger stubs, that leave the finger tips exposed. Another style leaves with the fingers completely exposed and has only a thumb stub to hold the gauntlet in place. Every patient has different needs which is why our therapist will help you choose what works best for you.

Compression Stockings and Hose

Compression stockings, or hose are also available in a variety of styles, sizes, and compression strengths. The stocking shown here is a knee-high.  A full panty hose option may be recommended by our therapist , which will extend up to the hip. There is also a thigh-high style which is available. This type of garment is also used to treat other conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins that involve swelling of the legs .

Compression Stockings often leave the toes exposed to avoid pressure points or the formation of calluses.

Non-Elastic Compression

Non-elastic compression garments are another option that can be worn during the day or at night. These are also indicated for Lymphedema or Venous Insufficiency.


Night-Time Garments

 Night-time garments are indicated for Lymphedema patients when daytime garments just aren't enough. These are also great to have around for when swelling tends to get out of hand. The picture shows an arm night-time garments but these are also available for  legs as well.